Adding Network printer to Mac OS 10.5

my dad recently swtiched to mac os on his macbook.. (he was previously using Windows XP on it! :O).. he was using it in this office.. and he needed to connect to a network printer through WIFI.. the computer on which the printer was installed was a PC.. n the printer was an HJ LaserJet 1200.. i started tampering with the settings.. but even then.. it took me about 40 mins to locate and install the printer!.. the procedure is simplified as below:

Adding a new printer to Mac OS 10.5 Leopard:

- follow: System Preferences - Printer and Fax - use the + button to add a new printer.

- click on the Windows Tab, wait for the network workgroups/domains to show up

- click on the desired Workgroup/Domain, wait (upto a few mintues) for the connected computers to show. (if nothing shows, check ur connection, try pinging the network computers, or see if they are showing in Finder)

- select the computer on which the printer is installed.

- if asked for password, (on domain use Windows User Accounts ID and Password) enter Administrator in Name field and leave password blank. (default work group settings for windows).

- check the Remember this password in my keychains

- on the lower end: Use Driver - Select from a list - select ur printer driver from the list (if not found, u will have to download and install the driver manually from printer company site)

- click Add button

Your printer has now been setup sucessfully.  Enjoy printing!